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Responsible pet parents take action against their pets’ health issues. When it comes to their overall health, know what products to trust and choose what’s natural and effective.

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What are your pets’ common health issues?

Just like any living being in the world, your pet becomes sick for a number of reasons. Sure, you give them the best care but it doesn’t guarantee that some health issues cannot occur. So always be wary of common illnesses that can befall your pets and can stop them from enjoying the best life.

Some of the most common health issues that affect the well-being of your pets are:

  • Skin problems caused by allergies and parasites
  • Obesity that can lead to diabetes and heart disease
  • Joint pain that can result in further injuries if not treated
  • Parasites, which bring viruses, that make your pets ill or worsen their present health condition

Keep your pets healthy all the time

Carbon 60 is a powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that helps with numerous health issues. Various researches showed that Carbon 60 has the power to inhibit virus growth, neutralize free radicals, stop inflammation, and lessen oxidative stress that worsens every health condition. Former NASA scientists Phil Catalano and Max Champie regularly give C60 to their pets to keep them fit.

C60’s microscopic size makes it easy for it to cross the blood– brain barrier and deliver nutrients into the bloodstream for faster optimal results. Its small size also allows C60 to be rapidly absorbed by tissues and excreted through the urinary tract, leading to zero toxicity and zero side effects.

Experts at Live Longer Labs believe that your pets deserve to live a safe and healthy existence, away from the risk of many diseases. That’s why they infused their antioxidant supplements and treats with nature’s most powerful antioxidant — C60.

Protect Your Pets' Health Now!

With proper exercise, a healthy diet, and Pure Bella Pets’ all natural, C60-infused antioxidant supplements and treats, your pets can enjoy healthier, longer lives starting today.