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Kris Ahlberg, (DVM)

"I am a veterinarian who has been using Pure Bella Pets C60 in my practice. I have seen marked improvement in mobility in arthritic animals and those with scar tissue that was hampering movement. Horses that are insulin resistant or suffer from Cushings syndrome have shown reduced fat deposits, less ravenous appetites and less cranky attitudes. One of the dogs I have been treating that has seizures that were difficult to control with standard treatment became better controlled when C60 was added to his regime. I have seen no unwanted side effects and it is easily administered. I am continuing to recommend that my patients(and their pet parents) use Pure Bella Pets C60."

Steve L.

"We wanted to reach out and let you know of the amazing reaction our Yorkie has had to the pet C60. Does the term play mode mean anything to you?? She hasn’t played with her stuffed toy for years, now she can’t get enough... Our 10 year old dog is acting like a puppy again."

Heather W.

"These treats are amazing! And our 2 large dogs agree! We have a Doberman that has a persistent habit of unwarranted barking and a Labradoodle with extreme anxiety and over excited greetings. We have given them these treats on multiple occasions and have noticed that not only do the dogs freak out when they see that is the treat we have but also that their undesired behavioral issues seem to be somewhat quelled once they are digesting the treat. We do notice that the treats produce some gas but that is the only downside. We will certainly keep treating our pups with these wholesome and safe treats."


"I never want to run out of Pure Bella Pets C60. My husband and I raise Irish wolfhounds and like other giant breed dogs they tend to have a shorter life span. Our "Fiona" has just turned 6 and that means she is considered a senior already. The reason we giver her Pure Bella Pets C60 would be obvious to everyone if they could see her running around every day. Unlike our previous wolfhounds who reached this age, Fiona showed no signs of slowing down. She runs around, literally, with the 2 year od "Finn" and is not showing any signs of joint discomfort. My husband even thinks that the graying hair had taken over her muzzle and head have been turning back to her younger color. We give her 6 dropper fulls every day and plan on doing it for years to come. Thank you Pure Bella Pets."

Jeff A.

"After researching and researching the C60 product and now my wife and I taking the product for over 2 years, it finally dawned on us, why couldn’t it improve our pets lives too? When PBP came out with their pet line, we jumped at the chance to try it. What we liked the most was simple squirt into the food at night application. Within 2-3 weeks we began to see a difference. What used to be a dog laying around on her pillow when I got home from work, now hits the door when I arrive ready to go on a walk. Struggling to jump into the car and noticeably stiff going up stairs is no longer! It’s like an anti-aging product and she is acting half her age. We understood the effects of oxidative stress with people, but ignorantly didn’t think about our pets having the same issues. No brainer and simple to use. Love the product…"


"My Great Dane (12 years) is responding very nicely to PBP C60. I had to up the dose to 2ml - 3 times a day before I noticed anything. He is jumping into the truck again. I don't know any Dane his age that can do that. One thing I did not expect but it makes total sense is that his panting is almost gone completely. He does not pant at all unless he is on his walk in warm weather. He has more energy and stamina. He is obviously having a much more effective ATP production. I am extremely pleased to see this result with my own eyes. I cant state how much that means to me. After testing close to 100 products over the last 20 years only a handful have produced results, but nothing like this. Personally I have never had better workouts and I have never been able to gain 3lbs of pure muscle in less than a month with a natural product! I used to body build and I have testing it all. I know what im talking about. Looking forward to expand my test."

Julie A.

"I wanted to share my experience and how grateful we are to discover your C60 product! As a long time pet lover and now owner of our 4th Labrador, we have struggled with joint, hip, and other aging side effects with these very active dogs. Something even worse with our latest dog was being diagnosed with Idiopathic epilepsy, a genetic form of epilepsy that caused our dog to have seizures. We were told by our breeder that they were aware of it and they were having some success with strict diets. However, as we learned, as the dog got older, it was happening more and more (up to 3-4 times per week). Vets only option was drugs that caused liver damage and other side effects. Originally our purchase of C60 was to help with joints, activity, and overall health benefits that we have learned antioxidant benefits have. What we soon learned was since we started on this product, our dogs seizures have stopped! Completely! It’s been over six months and not only is he more active like he was when he was younger, running and going on longer walks without laying around for 24 hours after, but more importantly, the horrible seizers have stopped. I would recommend this product to everyone who has a middle aged to older dog or cat. The results are amazing and there is no question he is healthier!"

Dr. Joe Nieusma

Joe Nieusma, PhD Senior Toxicologist Superior Toxicology & Wellness

"I didn’t expect anything different when I gave C60 to my old Labrador retriever, Sunny. Sunny was 10 years old and beginning down the slippery slope to the end of her years. She had joint issues, soreness in the mornings and after walks and was beginning to lay around significantly more than she had previously. Just a few days into giving C60 to Sunny, I could tell she felt better. Her step was peppier, her energy was better, her eagerness for walks returned and she was able to get up and down steps visibly better. C60 provided relief of the typical old age problems for my lab Sunny. I put about 2-3 dropperfuls in a treat that would absorb it and gave it to her. I also sometimes just put it in her food. I think the use of C60 in my old dog added years to her life and more importantly, added life to her years. She had a much-improved quality of life and ability to get around without visible issues with joints into the last few weeks of life up to when a tragic accident finally did Sunny in. C60 gave me my loveable, playful, loyal and energetic dog back for her senior years of life. Please try this product for your pet. It is worth it to help the fur-babies we all love so much! Dr. Joe Nieusma 303-877-3684."

Damaris J.

"I was skeptical that c60 would do anything for my aging cat Lola. I noticed after just a few weeks that she seems to have more energy and her coat is amazing."

Corey T.

"I’ve been taking C60 for a few years now and love the benefits. When I heard they make a product for animals with similar benefits I jumped on it almost immediately. I’m happy to know my dog will live a long and healthy life thanks to Pure Bella Vita and Pet C60."

Nicole F.

"My Pitbull Bo has had skin allergies and tummy issues since he was a puppy. I’ve tried everything from medicated baths and prescription medications to a doctor controlled special diet. I couldn’t help my excitement when I first heard Pure Bella Vita now has Pet C60. C60 has been a positive influence in my life and I can proudly say it’s now the same for Bo. A BIG thank you to Pure Bella Pets!"

Bryant D.

"I just came across c60 for animals. This is a very interesting concept and I have not had my dog on it long enough to see anything yet. I'm excited from what I read about the properties that c60 has. I will update my review in the next few weeks."


My dog Lilly has had arthritic and joint discomfort the last 4 years (she’s 11). I am a customer with Pure Bella Vita and was very happy to hear that they were releasing a pet line. Pure Bella Pets has changed Lillys life! She is getting around easier and it warms my heart to see her moving around like this again. She’s like her old self!
Thanks PBP!


I have an 8 year old cat named Frasier that is my world. I had done some research on c60 and after understanding the benefits I believe everyone should have their animals on it. Great work guys


My German Sheppard Duke loves the treats! If I walk anywhere near the pantry where I keep the treats he gets excited.


After doing my due diligence on different companies. I’m thankful to have come across Pure Bella Pets. Their products work and that says it all. There are a lot of companies claiming to be the “next best thing” when its actually not quality. Knowing everything is organic and professionally done is a breath of fresh air.


My dogs love the Beef Liver Treats! I'm glad they are enjoying them and getting healthy at the same time

Thank you thank you! Your c60 oil has given my dog his life back. He’s acting puppy like again and isn’t limping around nearly as much


My cats have been on the oil now for about a month. I’d like to say that my cats allergy issues have decreased tremendously. Very happy customer