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How does
C60 work?

C60 fullerenes bond to and flush out harmful free radicals that contribute to tissue damage in many human diseases without altering its structure, making it one of the world’s most efficient antioxidants.

C60 fullerenes’ microscopic size makes it easy for them to cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver nutrients into the bloodstream for faster results. Its small size also allows C60 to be rapidly absorbed by tissues and excreted through the urinary tract, leading to zero toxicity and zero side effects.

Experts at Live Longer Labs believe that our furry friends also deserve to benefit from the wonders of C60, which is why they formulated Pure Bella Pets C60live Products. These products are 100% pure and organic and will help prevent premature aging as well as reverse the effects of oxidative stress and pollution.

Let your pets enjoy the best life today.

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Kris Ahlberg, DVM

Kris Ahlberg, DVM

"I am a veterinarian who has been using Pure Bella Pets C60 in my practice. I have seen marked improvement in mobility in arthritic animals and those with scar tissue that was hampering movement. Horses that are insulin resistant or suffer from Cushings syndrome have shown reduced fat deposits, less ravenous appetites and less cranky attitudes. One of the dogs I have been treating that has seizures that were difficult to control with standard treatment became better controlled when C60 was added to his regime. I have seen no unwanted side effects and it is easily administered. I am continuing to recommend that my patients (and their pet parents) use Pure Bella Pets C60."


What is
Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is recognized as the main reason for the development of a variety of issues and diseases like arthritis, cataracts, pneumonia, and even reproduction issues. Learn more about the issues brought on by oxidative stress and what Carbon 60 can do to improve the life of your four-legged friend.

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Why choose
Pure Bella Pets?

Here at Pure Bella Pets, we put animals first. We make sure that each of our products meets the highest standards to keep our four-legged friends feeling their best. We take pride in being able to say that all of our products are organic with no use of GMOs, wheat, soy, grain, preservatives, or anything artificial.

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A voice for those
who don't have one.

Animals are not able to tell us when something is wrong, which is why you should keep oxidative stress-related health issues at bay with Pure Bella Pets C60. A portion of every sale made will be donated to one of the amazing organizations we team with.